Ever had a habit? I still do. Habits aren’t bad; it is what you do in your habit that can make it undesirable. I have a habit of taking my medication in the morning; I have the habit of petting my cat before I leave the apartment in the morning. I think that may be the cat’s idea but it still doesn’t hurt anything.

I used to have a bad habit years ago. It was killing me. I smoked cigarettes like a mad man. I was sure I needed those cigarettes as much as the air they were taking away from me. I knew better, but how was I going to break the bad habit? First I wasn’t worried about it, second there was always tomorrow. Unfortunately it takes something more powerful than the addiction to make our minds let go. In my case it was the diagnoses of possible cancer. Long story shortened I went for a hearing test and the doctor says he must look me over first. After a short examination I was in a room with a video camera down my throat. Following a few ooos and ahhs between the nurse and the doctor he spun me around in the chair and there it was; my throat from the inside. It was covered in black spots to which the doctor said “these spot are either step four of five of throat cancer or it is the tar from your cigarettes deposited on infection in your throat.” Well when I got my heart back into my chest, after all it was pretty devastating news, I asked the doctor “What next?” He said go home, quit smoking, come back in two weeks, if the spots are gone you will be alright. If not two weeks is not going to make a difference in the outcome. I was devastated; needless to say I never smoked another cigarette after that. The good news was that when I went back He put the camera in and everything was pink and perfect. His only words to the results were,” I don’t mind fixing things that nature messes up, I HATE repairing things we mess up ourselves for stupid habits. Congratulations you are in perfect health.”

I knew I was hurting myself but I continued doing the wrong thing. Why??

Well it’s called sin. When we do things that are against the common sense of right, when we ignore the warnings and the facts; it is our sinful nature in control. There is no part of sin that is good for us; it gives us our bad habits.

So let’s look at the facts; we are dying from our sin. We are destined to eternal damnation for the price of our sin against God. There is a cure for this damnation, it is called Jesus Christ. He died on the cross in our place to conquer sin and death. So by believing in Him, being baptized, taking part in the sacraments, and most importantly attending church services regularly we can destroy death and the effect of sin on our lives.

Like the habit of taking my meds to help with my already bad habit caused physical ailments, Church is good habit that can help cure our sinful bad habit ailments. As the New Year starts give yourself a new habit; start putting Jesus Christ in your life every day. The power in this habit will be the way to cure the old bad habits that are destroying your joy and your life. Give Him the chance to change you for the better.

Happy 2018

Pastor Scott

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