Sleep is such a precious part of life. It is when we get to shut down and just forget about everything. There are things called dreams that accompany our sleep at times. Some are good others are “night-mares”. Dreaming is not uncommon for me; I seem to dream a lot. There are times when the dreams are hard to be a part of and I wake myself up. Most of the time I don’t remember a thing after my eyes open but there are times the thoughts are still vivid in my conscious. It is confusing why my mind goes into the places it does. I look to God and ask: “Why do I have to go there? It’s uncomfortable, it scares me, and I don’t like it.” I have learned to say a prayer for peace and understanding of what I have just experienced. It may be new or it may be something I have relived from a time in my past; either way I feel the need for comfort and I know God is my only source for true peace in this time of trial.

I had one of those thought provoking dreams the other night. I dreamt I was still doing my old life. You know the situation; I was working my “800hrs” per week, I was trying to be part of the local crowd, I was trying to understand the political scene, (of course I still haven’t figured out which side of that to be on), and I was in constant turmoil.  No I didn’t dream all that at once, but that’s the base line. The bulk of this dream was me arguing with my father. He is gone now as is my mother, so they never had the joy of seeing what God has done with their son’ life, whether the news is announced in Heaven I am not sure. The point is I look back now and I would like to “Kick Myself in the Rear” for being so disrespectful. At that time of my life it was my thoughts, my opinions, and my wants that drove my personality. I had no regard for the experiences that my father had and no regard for his opinion. I could have done it so much better if he would have just gotten out of the way.

Have you ever been there? If not, you are one in a million and I salute you. In most of our lives we have done things that were so selfish we can’t start to imagine how hurtful we’ve been. We put those things in the back of our minds and try to forget them. We put a lid on them and make believe they have never happened. Then history repeats itself. Not in your own actions but in the actions of those close to you.

You may have a child that is going thru growing pains as the world directs. You remember the script; it doesn’t matter if the person you are hurting is your parent; it’s all about you. Follow the words and directions of the world now; for it is about you. Be important in the eyes of the people around you and don’t worry about God after all; this is all about you. Get what you want.

You may have a spouse that seems to be getting distant; remember the world script tells us marriage is all about being independent and not losing yourself. Two people just cohabitating and if it doesn’t work out you get a divorce and try again. That is not what Jesus, the author of the word marriage said. When two people come together and accept the vow of the other; it is forever and two become one. They are to support each other through everything and respect each other through anything. Love accepts no less.

We seem to forget our lives are short and it is easy to make mistakes. Our Father in Heaven doesn’t want us to live in turmoil. He gives us a memory so we will not stumble over the same stuff again. When we hide it away in the unused part of our brain it does us no good. We need to deal with our sins and give them to God. The next time you have one of those dreams that “hurts” realize that is the Holy Spirit helping you clear out your attic. Give the hard thoughts to Him and watch your dreams eventually become peaceful. Repenting of your sins means you give it all to God, even the ugly stuff. I have a long way to go for I have been a hoarder of “My thoughts” for too many years. Don’t live life wishing you would have done different. Live your life so your dreams are truly joyful. Say that prayer of understanding and peace. God will Bless You.

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