Freedom Isn’t Free

Freedom is a word that we proudly shout in our country. It is a part of our lives that we hold sacred. The line that “Freedom Isn’t Free” is so huge. It has cost many lives to win our freedom from tyrant, self serving rulers. It has cost many lives to maintain that freedom from the threat of tyrant dictators. Now it takes many lives to protect us from terrorist groups who hurt us in the name of tyrant led religious groups.  I used the word tyrant in each case because the definition of the word tyrant is worthy of each cause we fight against.

Definition of Tyrant: an absolute ruler unrestrained by law or constitution, a ruler who exercises absolute power oppressively or brutally.

The brutality of men causing fear and pain has been part of our sinful world for centuries. We read about the ancient Israelites being taken into slavery by tyrant pharaohs; forced to build cities for the glory of Egypt’s power. Our ancestors were forced by kings to do as they were told; to live and worship according to their decree. In our own country we have had men and organizations claim too much power and direct our land in directions that have caused separation and civil war. We didn’t recognize them as tyrants because they were “one of us”; they were our leaders. The lust of power causes many to fall; the claim of personal rights with no regard for our fellow man causes the loss of compassion and the common good.

The exciting part is when the oppressed people, the hurt, the abused, the ones in need of a new hope turned to God He delivered them. The Israelites were led from slavery when God answered their prayers. The early colonists found this United States when they fled religious persecution and followed their true sense of God’s call. “911” brought us back to church for healing following a tragedy we couldn’t comprehend on our own. God has always been here for us.

Our country is in a crisis right now with our freedom being misused; we have strayed away from God and His guidance to our own sinful natures. Our young people are being taught a false freedom with no sacrifice, a freedom that is easy and self centered. It will be a tragic consequence if we let history repeat itself and lose what God has given us.

God’s law says love Him first and then one another; this means sacrificing for the good of each other, no matter what it takes. Freedom has never meant having it your own way, freedom is living together under God’s watch, following His perfect plan; with liberty and justice for all.

Just My Thoughts

Pastor Scott

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