Storms or even tax day catch you off guard?

The date was April 15th, 1986. The day started like any other, I was working to help get the new Timpte trailer plant up and running in Wayne NE. There were 21 of us that had traveled to David City for 6 months; to train on how to build refrigerated  semi-trailers for Timpte Corp. at their new factory. Being the designated lead people in the new facility we were helping get the final details in place.

It was tax day like every year, one of my coworkers made the comment “I need to get my tax return to the post office for a date stamp. We have to go home right at the buzzer.” See, I had moved to Carroll Ne. about 12 miles west of Wayne, from there we car pooled to our new job. Well to our surprise, it had started to snow.  It snowed so hard there wasn’t enough room for all the flakes to come down together. I swear snow balls were forming as it fell. That was a bad storm.

It was April 15th, the farmers were planting corn, the new calves were on the ground; why was this white stuff falling. Well Sam says “I have to get my tax return in the mail, I am trying to get home. Come with me for the ride, we’ll make it.”

Me being young and tough, not scared of a little snow, I say sure. Well we got about a half mile past the edge of town, where the trees quit and we could see nothing. We are in a “Pontiac Sunbird”, for those of you who don’t know cars a “Sunbird” was just a little smaller than a red coaster wagon. It was front wheel drive, so it would crawl over a snow bank just enough to get high centered and not be able to drag the rear end through. Well after getting stuck  a couple of dozen times, we made it back to the factory building. To our relief a plan had been made, for those who were staying, safe and warm and dry, they were taking us to a house the owners of Timpte had rented just a few blocks away, they were furnishing pizza and refreshments and a warm place to sleep until this all blew over. Of course we went along with this better plan. The next morning the sun came up and it was a beautiful day. We went to work a little smelly, but happy we were there.

The point of this story; there are times in our lives when storms of different kinds will catch us off guard. The plans we have made, the duties we put off until the last moment will drive us to do things that cause us harm. Sam never got his tax form in the post office that night, he knew it should have been done long before that final day. He thought everything was going to be “Normal” and he would do what he always had done: “put it off till the last moment.” But life changed. I never heard if he got a penalty for being late, it was never talked about again. I think back of the risk he took and the risk I took following his lead. I could have lost my life because of his terrible decision to lead, and my worse decision to follow.

We will all have those moments in our lives. Jesus tells us to follow Him. To trust Him, not to follow the “Sam’s” in this world.   He tells us He is the Way the Truth and the Life. But we decide we are invincible and don’t need His advice. We follow the people around us that are trying to show the rest of the world they have a better idea, but too many are running to cover up the mistakes they have made before; not being part of a good plan.

It is hard to be in charge of your life sometimes, not to be led in a wrong direction. Jesus gave us the road map to life, it is called believing in Him and His words. It will bring us great joy in the end. As this Covid virus causes us to change the way we always did things, look forward to the day after. When the sun comes out and we are so glad we stayed put. God is with us, our world has been going out into the storm without a good plan for many years. If we make our way back to Him he will show us the right plan that will be good for all.

Stay Home, Stay safe, Weather the storm where you’re at. Trust in God for your peace. The road to “where we were” the road to “normal” isn’t safe right now. We need to stop and find a new plan. Just like me and Sam and our trip to the post office, we need to stop and wait till tomorrow.

Our church (that’s us) here at Living Word is a vibrant living thing, I appreciate the donations that have been coming in. I love the cards of hello’s and support. I know we will all get through this if we just wait until the storm passes. It is out of our hands right now. As if we were ever in control. God’s peace and God’s blessings to all of you from the One who holds you in His arms. Jesus Christ our Lord

Pastor Scott

PS: We will continue to record services and post them on-line. We will have communion next Sunday the 26th of April so have your elements ready.

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