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Has Religion Become a False Idol?

Our world is in a place it has not seen for many decades with the number of

people who confess in the belief of Jesus Christ falling far behind the number who say

they don’t care if there is a God. The body of believers is slowly being torn apart. The

part I marvel at is that so many churches seem to be ignoring it. They say they are going

on in the same way they always have: “It is the way we have always done things”.

So why is it so hard to admit that the old way isn’t working anymore, or maybe to

admit the old way has been changed into something that won’t work. Jesus had to

struggle with the Pharisees and teachers of the law for they too were doing it “their

way” and their way wasn’t how it was originally meant to be. They fought Him to His

death to prove their point.

That has always been Satan’s tactic, to convince people they are ‘right” no matter

how wrong they are. It is his way of getting humans to fight a war from within. Whether

he uses words of confusion or threats of violence Satan wants to scare us into

submission. We must remember the tactics that are being used are ever changing. He

will spare no lives to try to become number one.

Right now one the greatest weapons I see being used for his evil plans are beliefs

in the church. Separate and conquer. Get the believers to believe in something other

than the word of God. Get them to follow man’s opinions instead of God’s law. Give

them pride in their connection to a worldly belief and then slowly twist and maneuver

their thoughts to say they are better than those around them.

Jesus ate with sinners and tax collectors, the lowest of society. He took the word

of truth to them in their world. Showing people they could be saved no matter who they

were. No religious fanfare no religious traditions. Just belief in Him.

We must always be on our guard that we do not put our opinions in front of

God’s. Not to not hold on to something that we have convinced ourselves is perfect.

Idols come in many forms, most of which are unseen by the prideful heart. Religion is

one of those idols that many bow to, that Jesus fought against.

Matthew 16

  6  “Be careful,” Jesus said to them. “Be on your guard against the yeast of the

Pharisees and Sadducees.”

The yeast was the teachings of a self-worshiping, self-absorbed religion. Where

the ways of the religion were more important than God. Faith is not religion; faith is

belief in Jesus Christ not in any popular human’s words. Be careful on what you make

into a faith. Jesus is the only thing we need to worship, we must humble our hearts and

let God be God.

Just My Thoughts,

Pastor Scott

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