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“Oops I Forgot”

Pretty common phrase right? We say it all the time. We forget this or that

and we either go on without it, or we change our plans to go back and get what

we left behind. It is a symptom of an over-loaded lifestyle. The kind we live here

in this world.

Whether the forgotten thing, thought, or what have you will really affect

our lives is always a debatable subject. It depends on which side you are on. The

hurried driver may say “We will be late, we are not going back”, the sports coach

may say “You have to go back, you can’t play without it”, the schoolteacher will

say “No homework, that’s a zero for today’s grade”. It is all in the eyes of the

beholder. That is why we give ourselves reminders to help us remember those

things that could otherwise cause us grief.

Our faith lives are no different. Take the “Lenten Season”, it is not a true

Biblical season in itself. It is not called for in any “Old Testament” scripture. It was

dedicated in approx. 325 AD as a time of preparation for the Easter devotions. It is

a time for us to remember the trials and temptations of our Lord Jesus Christ. A

time to help us focus on what Jesus did for us. A time to “Remind” us of our faith

and what it is truly about, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Even in something as important as our faith lives, we need reminders to

bring it back to the top of our priority list. Otherwise the world will push it back

down behind work and sports and whatever else makes the most noise. So please

don’t get caught up in the junk of the world, remember Lent isn’t about “Mardi

Gras” and “Fat Tuesday”, Lent isn’t about fish fries and seafood buffets. Lent isn’t

about any religious ceremony; it is about us focusing on our personal relationship

with Jesus Christ.

So take a moment to open a Bible, maybe start with Luke 4:1-13, see how

the devil does his work. We must be prepared, for even with Jesus it says, “the

devil will wait for the opportune time”. That is with us too, if the devil can make

us say “Oops I forgot my faith life today” he has done his work. He is always

waiting for the “opportune time”, which in our world happens often.

Just My Thoughts,

Pastor Scott

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