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Time, time, and more Time

I was thinking about time the other day. Especially the time between our Creation and

now. That is a lot of mornings and evenings. Think about the fact that the earth has done it’s

rotation 24 hrs. at a time, it has tilted back and forth for the seasons, it has orbited the sun, in perfect accuracy.

Now historians have recorded dates of writing back to what they believe are about 3500

BC. It fits well with the thoughts of some Bible based organizations.

Three of the world’s leading young-earth creationist organizations (Answers in

Genesis, Institute for Creation Research, and Creation Ministries International) argue

that the beginning (Gen. 1:1) was a little more than 6,000 years ago.

3  And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.  4  God saw that the light was

good, and he separated the light from the darkness.  5  God called the light “day,” and the

darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day.

2.2 million turns of the earth later. Sun-up / sun-down. 2.2 million days and evenings.

With-out any of our help or interference. God made an amazing vessel of life for us to ride.

Do we really understand the whole picture of what has, and is happening? A perfect

place to sustain life, continually refreshing itself through rains and seasons. A world that man cannot duplicate. For when you think about it: without the things of creation we cannot even start to survive. For we only use what God gave use to make new things. We only use what God gave us to learn about what He gave us. It is so simple yet so complex.

May we realize the joy and gift of our Creator. May we understand He did all of this for

us! How can anyone say there is no God and stand here in His Creation.

Praise and Glory to the creator of the universe for caring about something as small as I.

Just My Thoughts

Pastor Scott

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