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Truth is Truth

Truth is Truth

I had a doctors appt. the other day, I went to a provider with a different hospital group than where I went for years. It was good to get a fresh outlook, a new perspective, to hear a different doctor’s opinions, but my overall diagnosis was still pretty much the same. The truth was the truth.

We did have an interesting conversation when He saw that I was a pastor. He asked me if it was ok for him to ask what kind of pastor I was, which religion I was with. I said no problem “I am a Christian pastor, I preach the Triune God and the Bible; I don’t claim to follow any man-made religion I just preach the truth of Scripture, for that what God gave us and the truth is the truth.”

So I asked him a similar question, I said “You are a doctor, does it have any influence on what you tell your patients by which medical group you are with, or is the practice of medicine a simple truth? He just smiled and said “I do my best to tell my patients what I see as a doctor. It doesn’t matter where I work the diagnosis will be the same.” So again the truth is the truth.

It made me think of our faith lives. When pastors say they have the better way because of what religion they follow, or what seminary they went to, or how big their church is; are they following God’s call and His real truth anymore? Or have they fallen to the world’s ways: the bigger the better, the more powerful the more popular, and our way is the right way just ask us. Is the truth still the truth in those places?

The Bible tells us Jesus Christ came to not only tell us but to show us “He is the Way, no one gets to the Father except through Him” that is the simple truth. Many have tried to make it a multiple choice, but just like my doctor’s diagnosis; there was only one truth.

May we trust in God’s guidance in all we do and we won’t have to wonder if it was right. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. He will never follow the world and that is the truth.

Just My Thoughts

Pastor Scott

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