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Why Doesn’t God Stop This?

Have you ever asked the question: If there is a God why doesn’t He

stop all the bad things happening in this world? I mean it seems like a fair

question right? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Maybe to figure it out if the question is

valid we need to look at what we consider the “bad things”. Are the “bad things”

something that God has caused or are they our own doings? Does God need to

make something different or do we?

So to sort this out we must define what we are asking for. Are the bad

things from the lack of God’s guidance or the failure of man to follow? Are the

bad things the result of a design flaw or are they the result of what man has done

to a perfect creation? Are the bad things something that could be stopped by our

own compliance with simple rules or are they totally without cause? I have a

feeling that the answer to all those questions lands right back in our own laps.

See God could stop all the bad things AGAIN. He has intervened in this

problem more than once. He started with a simple punishment way back in the

beginning by kicking Adam and Eve out of the garden and making the snake eat

dust. Then He got tougher with the flood, wiped out everyone but Noah and his

family, seemed like the ultimate cure. He swallowed up the Egyptians in the Red

Sea because they were the bad things of that time and He conquered a giant with

a sling and a stone when he was the most bad thing of the moment. God has

stopped all the “Bad Things” over and over to help us through.

But the problem is when the “bad things” aren’t His doing, He can’t make

them stop. We must quit asking God to fix what we refuse to change and start

asking for Him for humble hearts that listen. Evil will always be with us for that is

the way of sin, but sin will not overcome the world.

John 1:5  “ The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

Jesus is the answer to our question, if we follow His example, the bad

things will be taken care of, for they will not be done. Sounds so simple when we


Just My Thoughts

P Scott

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