August Worship Schedule

Aug 7th - Reclaim w/Communion Message – “It Is All About Worry”

Aug. 14th - Service of the Word Message - “Division on Account of Faith”

Aug. 21st -  Celebration Service / Special music Message – “The Narrow Door”

Aug. 28th - Morning Worship / Video Music Message – “Places of Honor”

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Aug 1st - Worship Committee                 7:00 PM

Aug 4th - Young at Heart                        11:30 AM Valentino’s / Seward

Aug 9th - Church Council Meeting          7:00 PM

Aug 10th - Ladies In Stiches                   9:00 AM

Aug 23rd - Church Grow Meeting           7:00 PM

Aug 28th - Service at Kinship Point         2:30 PM

Aug 31stFirst night of WOW                 4:00-7:30 PM