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Growing Up

It is that time of year again, schools are getting ready to start. Our children will be taking that next step in life. Whether it be from home to preschool, preschool to kindergarten, grade school to high school or the big one, high school to college it is all part of the plan of life. It is a time of mixed emotions for mothers and fathers alike; as the ones that we care for, that we watch over, that we love with all of our hearts are now doing the very thing we worked so hard to help them do; they are “Growing up”. It can be overwhelming for some as they worry and wonder: “How will they make it without me?”.

The truth is they will make it well if we teach them how. Oh sure they will still need our help, but the help they need will look different than before. See when our kids are little their world is what we make it, we have a lot of control over their everyday coming and going. It is a great thing for we can give them a true sense of life, love, and happiness, but as they grow their world becomes bigger and bigger and our control becomes less and less. That is exactly why they need to be instructed in the ways that are right while they are little, for only then, when they go into the real world, they will be able to stand strong.

Proverbs 22:6

6 Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

These words were written by Solomen in approximately 970 BC. so life, though it may seem different, hasn’t changed much. We are to teach our children the right way and then trust in their judgment.

Did we make mistakes, sure we did, will our kids make mistakes, sure they will; but just like our parents did for us; we must let them grow. It is like a mother bird as she watches her little ones spread their wings and fly, we must trust in the Lord and His plan and watch our children fly too.

Did I feel lost that first time I had a child take their next step, sure I did but my joy over shadowed any worry that may have been tugging at my heart for I knew God was with them. Trust in the Lord and teach your children the same.

Just My Thoughts

Pastor Scott

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