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Learning the Truth

We read the Bible for many reasons. Some to find peace in times of

turmoil, some to find comfort after the loss of a loved one, some out of curiosity

as to what the future may hold, and some for the history of our world. For

whatever reason you open the book remember it is God’s word, His plan.

I am always intrigued when I read the Gospels and look at Jesus’ teachings.

He had a monumental task trying to change the mindset that many had been

taught was the “right way”. The leaders in the land from religious to pagan were

always telling the people they had the answers, to “do as I say” or you will be an

outcast. The sad part is after they convinced a few all they had to do was let that

few control the rest. What I have noticed is our world is the same today, we

resent the comparison to being sheep but it is a perfect match. Get one to go and

the rest will surely follow.

The last few weeks we have read some of Jesus’ more direct teachings. He

told us in Luke 12:22 “Not to worry”, that life is more than food or clothing. That

statement truly goes against the way the world runs, good eats and fancy clothes.

Next Luke 12:49 He told us “there will be divisions in our lives”. That we will see

two sides to life and will have to decide which way we will go. Many are being led

down a path to “No-Where” and acting like they can’t see the difference. As Jesus

said, you can predict the weather but you can’t seem to figure out the truth.

Now this week Luke 13:22 He tells us “it is a narrow door to get into the

owner’s house” and that many will miss it! How can Jesus say that many will not

get in. That isn’t what we want to hear. I guess it is called “telling the truth”.

Jesus came to tell us exactly what the Father expected. He never watered it

down or made it “Politically Correct”. Our world has fallen into a place where

Jesus warned us not to go; letting our sinful natures cloud our vision. Life is more

than what we see here, this earth is more than for our greed, and faith is more

than religion. Trust in God, follow His Son, feel the Holy Spirit in your life.

Just My Thoughts

Pastor Scott

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